Sunday, November 23, 2008

Domestic Violence in Military Families

Yesterday, the New York Times published an informative article by Lizette Alvarez about one woman's experience with the Army following an incident of domestic violence. Click on the title of this blog posting to access the article.

Given the military presence here in North Carolina as well as the increasing numbers of military personnel returning from combat, addressing domestic violence in military families will be ongoing challenge.

However, I do not know of much research or writing about how best to address the needs of military families to prevent domestic violence or intervene after violence has occurred.

So I am wondering what evidence-based practices exist to help military family members who are survivors of domestic violence, including children who have witnessed such violence? Also, are there best practices for military personnel who perpetrate domestic violence? Last but not least, are there any evidence-based prevention practices for military personnel?

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Rita said...

Hi Rebecca,
We at the coalition have done extensive trainings on the military and d.v. and will be picking up the mantel to do so again in the new year. We use the Miles Foundation as a huge resource. They have been an invaluable aid to us for resources, research studies, etc. on the issue. Good luck with the blogging.