Sunday, November 23, 2008

Challenges of Funding Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services In North Carolina

A recent article published in the News and Observer on 11/14/2008 Funding Delays Hobble Shelters by Mandy Locke highlights some of the challenges in the funding of domestic violence and sexual assault services. (You can also access this article by clicking on the title of this blog posting to link to the article.)

From 2005 to 2007, I led a project to investigate best practices for domestic violence and sexual assault services in North Carolina (NC). (The project was generously funded by the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission.) Though not the main focus of the project, the research determined that funding was a key challenge for NC providers of domestic violence and sexual assault services. Providers reported that finding funding to sustain their services was a particular challenge.

The project also found that providers had recommendations for enhancing funding practices: (1) increase coordination among funders; (2) prioritize the funding of core and fundamental services, such a crisis response, advocacy and shelter services; and (3) ensure provider accountability through the collection of meaningful information about service delivery practices. The complete report about this project can be found here.

Though I've gotten more interested in funding policies for domestic violence and sexual assault services, this is a new area for me. I am wondering if others know of funding practices that could be effectively used here in NC?

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