Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Survivor-to-Survivor Project

Partner violence is a complex, frightening and overwhelming problem. For those seeking safety, it can be difficult to know where to begin, what to do, and how best to seek help. Likewise, family and friends who are concerned about partner violence survivors often want to offer help, ideas and resources. However, like the survivors themselves, family and friends do not always know where to turn or what to do.

Fortunately, a new website can help survivors, as well as their family and friends with such information. The web-based, Survivor-to-Survivor project began because three North Carolina partner violence survivors wanted to ensure that others who are seeking safety would have readily accessible, helpful information. The Survivor-to-Survivor project aims to help survivors understand and navigate the complex systems that offer help and resources, including the court and legal systems, domestic violence shelters, and victims' compensation.

The Survivor-to-Survivor project is a documentary-style resource guide designed to provide a visual toolkit of North Carolina partner violence help and resources. The website provides information on safety planning, children and partner violence, and a detailed list of resources. The website also provides tailored information to specific groups of partner violence survivors, including survivors in military communities, survivors with disabilities, and Native American survivors, as a few examples.

Partner violence survivors, as well as North Carolina partner violence experts, helped to develop this web-based resource. However, without the outstanding work and dedication of its directors, this project would never have happened. Cynthia Hill, who is an award-winning Durham-based documentary filmmaker, directed the project. Janeen Gingrich, who is the Director of Development at Legal Aid of North Carolina, is the project's co-director. (Detailed information about the project directors, funders, and production team can be found here.)

A considerable challenge to ending partner violence is informing survivors about the available help and resources. The wonderful Survivor-to-Survivor project is another way that we can all spread the word that it is possible to live safely and free from violence.


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